EAM vs CMMS: What is the difference and comparison between them?
  • By: Admin
  • Sep 06, 2021

When it comes to managing your assets, there will be many different kinds of software to choose from. But how can you know what is the suitable software for you to choose? Enterprise asset management (EAM) and computerized maintenance management system are more likely in many ways on asset management or maintenance systems. The difference between EAM and CMMS is more on the functionality and most common uses features. 

What is EAM? 

Enterprise asset management software core goals are used to control and maximizing the lifecycle of the asset for enterprise use. EAM is typically used by SME corporates that rely heavily on the use and availability of their assets. By using EAM software, you may maximize usability, reduce expenses, improve maintenance processes, enhance the quality and efficiency of workflows.  

What is CMMS? 

Computerized maintenance management software major focus is on “maintenance” where the name had also included the word “maintenance”. CMMS helps to streamline and automate maintenance tasks, providing communications for maintenance-related activities. CMMS core goals are used to automate maintenance scheduling, streamline inventory, manage work orders and maintain databases on asset information.   

Difference between EAM and CMMS 

The difference between EAM and CMMS is that EAM incorporates multiple business functions while CMMS is more focused on maintenance.   

CMMS are designed to manage a single location or multi-site support, while EAM comes with extensive features for managing multiple sites and businesses. CMMS aims to increase the asset life but EAM focuses on leveraging the assets to their maximum potential throughout its lifecycle.  

In terms of Asset Management, EAM is more focused and has more functionalities compared to CMMS which has fewer functionalities. The differences between CMMS and EAM is not much different but they are two different types of software and showing two different ways of asset management.  


The motive to implementing this software in an organization is to save time and money by increasing efficiency and managing company assets. In the final decision, you will only look for the software that perfectly suits your organization no matter using EAM or CMMS software. Makes yourself clear and understand the exact requirement of your company then only you will able to find the right software.   

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