Why Enterprise Asset Management is important?
  • By: Admin
  • Sep 20, 2021

No matter what size company you have, or what industry you support, every company will have assets that need to be maintained. Tracking assets is a challenge for any business, so EAM is important because it helps organizations to track, access, manage and optimize asset quality and reliability.  

Reason EAM is important: 

1 Reduce overall maintenance costs via preventive maintenance 

Predictive maintenance is the equipment-specific analysis that enables companies to use historical data to determine when equipment breaks down. Maintaining all the assets is extremely important because whenever something breaks down, it will lead to all kinds of implications. EAM will reduce costly emergency repairs, increases asset lifecycle and uptime through preventive maintenance.  

2 Reporting and analysis 

EAM software has a function which is to create dashboards to analyze asset performance and spot issues before they escalate into bigger problems. Managers or supervisors can have a better understanding of the maintenance operations by generating key performance indicators for your entire maintenance organization to make better business decisions. 

3 Reduce maintenance backlog 

EAM software can help you keep tracking of the pending work orders to ensure that they are completed on the schedule. 

4 Increase up-time 

Without EAM software, it is too easy to lose asset tracking information especially when you manage multiple facilities in different geographic locations. EAM will give you insight into your inventory so you can manage service calls and repairs, and keep your equipment in working order. The unexpected breakdown will lead to costs, so EAM can help you avoid them. 


EAM software brings unique value to your organization and allows you to stay on top of your regulatory responsibilities. If you want to protect your valuable assets and keep them running at peak performance, then you need an Enterprise Asset Management. 

Are you interested to know more about EAM software, you may read the next article or contact us to watch a live demonstration from us.