What is a landing page? Why is it important?
  • By: Admin
  • Apr 14, 2020

Turning visitors into potential customers is the first step in establishing a relationship between your company and potential customers, and everything you need to know about what landing pages are and why is it important are right here. Read further for more understanding.

What is landing page?

Landing pages are pages on your website that are designed to turn visitors into potential customers. It is any web page that consumers can log in, but in the marketing field, it is usually a separate page, different from your homepage or any other page, only for a single purpose. The landing page is a follow-up to any promises you make in the content. In essence, this is the next step in making visitors a customer. Your landing page allows you to make a transaction, a special offer, a message or a transaction in exchange for providing contact information.

Why landing page is important?

  • They can generate leads.

Essentially, your website actually has only two purposes: generating traffic and converting. A good landing page will not only attract visitors, it also allows you to establish contact with them and assess whether they are interested in your company’s services or products. To do this, you can set up a form asking readers to provide their contact information in exchange for discounts or content such as white papers and exclusive articles. Potential customers will fill out this form and your sales team can follow up later. Research shows that marketers capture potential customers at a higher rate by sending potential customers to dedicated landing pages instead of sending visits to the homepage. The landing page is the easiest and most effective way for your sales team to win more potential customers.

  • They help to collect potential customers.

Visitors must fill out the form on the landing page. Although the information you request will vary, most of them contain contact information and demographic information. Of course, the contact information will provide you with the information you need to start contacting potential customers. But demographic information is equally important. It provides you with the data needed to understand new prospects and segment them more effectively in order to better target their needs, expectations and pain points. It can also help your sales team conduct more valuable conversations. Ultimately, this will increase sales.

  • They help your campaign succeed.

If you want to pay for high search engine rankings, you need to make sure that your purchase is worth the money. As a result, you need to quickly and efficiently convert visitors into leads, and leads into sales. In terms of advertising, you can actually guarantee only one click, and redirecting customers to another page may cause them to leave. Landing pages are not only important because they allow you to quickly convert potential customers, but also because they can reduce the bounce rate.

  • They help tracking data.

The data in the login page can be tracked, which can help you understand the potential customer's participation. For example, you will learn whether potential customers have downloaded multiple offers and registered for multiple webinars. This shows that potential customers are highly engaged and will buy soon. Other than that, you can also track and analyze landing page data to better understand the implementation of your marketing services. You can compare the data of various offers to view effective methods and ineffective methods to optimize marketing.

  • They offer clear purpose.

The landing page is very short-one page long. That's because they were created to emphasize emphasis and clarity. If you want your visitors to take specific measures, you don’t have to expect them to have to figure out what. The landing page clearly states that you want them to buy, contact you, register or download.


There is no doubt that we live in a digitally connected world. Vigorously launching digital marketing activities can easily become one of the best investments you make for your business. When building a digital marketing toolbox, including the landing page is a smart move that will benefit you and your customers.

If you want to learn more about the importance of landing pages, or want to get in touch with experts who can improve your landing page strategy, we will be happy to chat with you!



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