Help desk software
  • By: Admin
  • Feb 12, 2020

Help desk software is a vital consideration for business owners. But what exactly is a help desk software?

To keep it simple, a help desk software helps your customer support to answer customers’ questions through emails.

But are you using only email to communicate with your customers?

Let’s say you own an online shoes store, your customers might contact you in several ways other than email. For example, they might approach you over Facebook messenger, or Twitter, or over live chat on your website. Moreover, their questions might also come from various types of category, such as questions concerning shoes size, quality issue, shipping charges, refund requests, expected arrival date of parcel and so forth.

A helpful help desk software helps you to compile and streamline all these enquiries across different kind of platform into one place. As a result, not only you can save more time in juggling between different channels, you can also tend to your customers’ enquiry quicker.

Here’s how a good help desk software can help your business to grow further:

  1. Never miss out on customer’s enquiries ever again

Keep track on every enquiry, no matter which channel they come from, such as Facebook, Twitter, live chats, contact forms and so forth. By compiling all these tickets coming from different sources into one single channel, you will never overlook on any incoming enquiries.

  1. Improve customer satisfaction

Keeping a customer happy to retain their loyalty is the secret to success. Providing fast and efficient customer service will boost customer satisfaction, causing good impression and thus gaining customer loyalty.

  1. Improve efficiency and productivity using better ticket management

Let help desk software assign tickets to the relevant departments. For instance, an enquiry about customer’s shipment issue can be assigned and sent to a representative from logistics department. In this way, time will no longer be wasted in internal communication.

  1. Monitor progress of every request

You can also monitor the progress of each ticket by referring the ticket status such as “new”, “answered” and “open” with ease to make sure all tickets are answered. In this way, you can avoid situations such as tickets are missed out and left unanswered by employees.

  1. Monitor your team’s performance

Keep track of your employee’s performance easily by monitoring how many tickets they solve in a day. Other than that, you can also check the quality of their work by evaluating agents’ feedback that will be given by your customers.

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