Great Reasons Why You Need to Redesign Your Website
  • By: Admin
  • Feb 27, 2020

Your website is essentially the identity of your business and your audience's first impression of your business is almost entirely based on your website. Therefore, you are required to have fully attention, dedication and investment when revamping your website. Redesigning a website, while not as simple as it seems, can bring huge benefits to your business.

Questions that often being asked such as ''Do I need to redesign my website to compete with other competitors or to rank higher?'' or ''Why do I need to redesign my website?''. These problems usually occur if a business are having low ranking in Google or any other reasons that may require a redesign of a website.


Here are 6 reasons that you should consider to redesign or revamp your website.


1. Your website does not meet your expectations

If your site looks attractive, full-featured and everything look excellent, then it is awesome! However, if you don't reach the results or your target, it's just a useless website and it won't work well. If you are not satisfied with the result, you shoud analyze what went wrong with your site. You need to first check the conversion rate of your site and the ratio of visitors to leads as these can give you a clear idea of what needs to be adjusted when you are planning to redesign.

Always ask yourself these questions to guide you through the process of redesign and determine what problems that occurred on your website:

  • Is your landing page attractive enough to attract visitors to continue stay in your page or is it just a worthless page?

  • Is your website similar to your brand identity and speak directly to your target audience?

  • Is your call-to-action properly placed on the right position and possible to translate visitors into leads and customers?


2. Your website design and website purpose or branding is outdated

  • Website design

With the rapid development of the digital marketing space, an outdated websites design may have a negative impact on your business. As design trends change every few years, a website with two to three years of history swill be lose to those websites with the lastest design trends. The latest design trend now is flat design, which uses a simple and minimalistic design approach that fit the clean look of mobile interfaces and desktops. A complex design with large images lead to the difficulties of visitors to browse your web pages.


  • Website purpose or branding

Your company's purpose and brand must always be consistent with your website so you need to update your website immediately if you have made any changes. As an example, if your new goal is to provide more lead-generated content, you may need to reorganize your pages to attract more leads. When updating your website, keep in mind that rebranding involves not only the logo or color, but also the content and language used on the website.


3. Your website is slow

People are more likely to visit a site which has a fast speed of loading within 2-3 seconds. They will leave and change to visit another site if they need to wait for more than 3 seconds for loading. If your site is running slowly, it may indicate that the site is underdeveloped or that the hosting service you are using is running slowly. Besides that, the a large image size will also have a huge impact of page load speed. Slow responding websites are likely to lose visitors, which can also have a negative impact on SEO. No matter how interactive your site is, it won't work well if it doesn't fully load in a few seconds.


4. Your website is not responsive

According to research, people are more likely to return to a website which work well in mobile than those site which isn't mobile responsive. The number of people browsing Internet on mobile phones has rise and will continue in the future. The chances of losing potential customers are high if your website is not responsive. A responsive design makes the website easily adapt to the screen size of all mobile devices and providing users a great UX as they can easily brwose your website with all different unique devices such as iPad, SamSung Note, tablet and so on. Therefore, it is essential to have a mobile responsive site to keep the customers and stay competitve.


5. Your third party tools are outdated

Today, most websites have third-party tools that allow them to add new features and improve the functionality of their website. The most common tools that being used is WordPress which can help to update website fast and simple. If the tools on your site don't meet modern funcational standards, users will find it difficult to use them and refuse to stay on your website. If there is a newer version, remember to update it or remove the tool if no updates are available and not working. An outdated features or designs that are outdated or not working will reduce the number of visitors to your website, so change to more modern tools to attract visitors and turn them into leads.


6. Your competitor's website is better than yours

It is not a must to redesign your website everytime once your competitors has changed theirs. But, it is a must to redesign it when the quality of your site doesn't match with your competitors, cause your search volume to drop and lose to your competitors' sales. Spend some time on your competitor's website to see what are the changes that may need to improve on your own website. As an example, their SEO may be better than yours. If your product and service are not at the top of the search results, you may need to adjust and redesign your website to compete with them. Or, they have better features, content and design which can helps you to make changes on your site.


Over to you

Even if it means investing a lot of money, don't hesitate to make changes on your website as the results will bring many benefits for you. I hope you found these 6 reasons useful for redesigning your website as a website is meant to bring you business. Feel free to contact us now for any better idea of redesigning your website.



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