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About Us

Keyway Technologies Sdn. Bhd. is a member of Safetyware Group Berhad which is listed on the LEAP Market of Bursa Malaysia. The company was incorporated in 2010 with the aim to advocate the use of enterprise business software solution to enhance business performance, boost productivity and increase profitability.aim to advocate the use of enterprise business software solution to enhance business performance, boost productivity and increase profitability.

From a humble beginning, we have now grown to have a full team of highly experienced & skilled IT engineers, consultants & support personnel, serving a diverse range of industries including many multinational companies (MNC) and local small & medium enterprises (SME).

Our flagship application - Keyway EAM, has helped companies to streamline their asset & machine management processes, improve the overall operational efficiency which lead to significant cost savings. Our office & support centres located in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor allow us to have effective customer support & service throughout Malaysia.

About Us

We Also Specialize In Custom Made Solution

In addition to providing ready off-the-shelf software solution, we also specialize in custom made solution including mobile application (Android & iOS) and online platform development which can connect & synchronize with your existing software system.

Such add-on connection allows you to unleash the power of your system to make better business decision. Whether you are looking for onsite / desktop or cloud solution, our professional consultants will help you with your needs.

We believe that software adoption should not be ad-hoc and on `piece-meal` basis, rather it should be carefully planned, reviewed and implemented with total integration & synchronization in mind. This will avoid redundancy, save a lot of costs, and achieve better business performance in the end.

Meet Our Team

Wong Kee Wei - Keyway Technologies Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Wong Kee Wei
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Agnes Tan - Keyway Technologies Chief Operating Officer & Founder
Agnes Tan
Chief Operating Officer & Founder
PS Chang - Keyway Technologies Chief Financial Officer
PS Chang
Chief Financial Officer
KM Lim - Keyway Technologies Chief Technology Officer
KM Lim
Chief Technology Officer
JC Sim - Keyway Technologies Software Engineer
JC Sim
Software Engineer
EW Ong - Keyway Technologies Software Engineer
EW Ong
Software Engineer
Joanne - Keyway Technologies Human Resources Generalist
Human Resources Generalist
Jessie Chew - Keyway Technologies Marketing Technologist
Jessie Chew
Marketing Technologist
MC Chee - Keyway Technologies Customer Success Specialist
MC Chee
Customer Success Specialist

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