About Us

Keyway Technologies was incorporated in 2010 with the aim to advocate the use of enterprise business software solution to enhance business performance, boost productivity and increase profitability.

From a humble beginning, we have now grown to have a full team of highly experienced & skilled IT engineers, consultants & support personnel, serving a diverse range of industries including many multinational companies (MNC) and local small & medium enterprises (SME).

Our office & support centres located in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor allow us to have effective customer support & service throughout Malaysia.

About Us

We Also Specialize In Custom Made Solution

In addition to providing ready off-the-shelf software solution, we also specialize in custom made solution including mobile application (Android & iOS) and online platform development which can connect & synchronize with your existing software system.

Such add-on connection allows you to unleash the power of your system to make better business decision. Whether you are looking for onsite / desktop or cloud solution, our professional consultants will help you with your needs.

We believe that software adoption should not be ad-hoc and on `piece-meal` basis, rather it should be carefully planned, reviewed and implemented with total integration & synchronization in mind. This will avoid redundancy, save a lot of costs, and achieve better business performance in the end.

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