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95% Increased productivity across all departments

Switching to LiveAgent has been a major step forward. We've been able to double the amount of client queries, while simultaneously decrease the worktime.

Patricia Macikova | Slovak Ministry of Finance

99% Customer Satisfaction Rate thanks to LiveAgent

By implementing real-time service, we were able to increase customer satisfaction by 29%. LiveAgent has also helped us improve conversion rates and provided opportunities for cross selling and upselling.

Gokulnaath Gopal | Huawei

50% Cheaper for us than LiveAgent alternatives

LiveAgent is far more refined and well thought out when compared to others. I can very quickly move through tickets, chats, see what people are writing before they send the message.

Ben S. | Published on G2 Crowd

30m Average Response Time

LiveAgent allows us to reach out faster and secure a smooth and successful event for our clients. That's also why our response time is now close to 30 minutes.

Martin Broz | Sli.Do

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14-day free trial - No contract - No credit card required