7 Principles of a Good Website Design
  • By: Admin
  • Feb 20, 2020

Having a good website design is extremely important for a business as users will look straight at the surface of the site before they really look into the store. A professional layout of the site will help a business attract more potential customers and at the same time compete with other competitors. Many people nowadays have used mobile devices to search for information, therefore, every business should have a website that is both attractive and yet mobile-friendly to users.

Do not need to worry about how you can make users spend more time and feel interested on your website, here is the list that we have summed out for you about the principles of a good website design.


  • Visual Hierarchy

The visual hierarchy is an important order in which the elements are arranged. This will enable users to access all the information easily. Several examples of characteristics that can be used on design such as size, colour and whitespace will help to attract the eyes of the users and capture their attention. Elements such as arrows, big bold fonts and attractive pictures can help audience to focus on what they are searching for. A nicely organized content makes your site looks clean and easy for them to follow.

  • Simplicity

An over-designed site that contains too many elements and contents on the page will prevent users from focusing on the purpose of the website. However, simplicity plays an important role in an effective web design. Not only a clean and tidy website design makes the site more attractive, it can also help users to access your site more easily. Loading purposeless design features for your website is unnecessary and distracting. So, make sure to keep your design simple so that users will clearly understand what is the purpose for them to visit your site.

  • Mobile-friendly

More and more people are browsing the web using their phones or other devices. It's important to consider using a responsive layout to build your website, where your website can be adjusted to different screens. You need to make sure you provide the best mobile experience and value the mobile experience like a desktop. If your website design doesn't support all screen sizes, you will likely lose to competitors as they will shift to visit other websites.

  • Easy loading

Waiting for the site to load will lose many users as no one likes website that takes too much time to load. Your website should be done loading within 2-3 seconds, or else they may leave. The fast loading site must be standard on any device, such as a desktop, phone or tablet. Therefore, you can solve the problem by optimizing the image size which will help your website load faster, combining the code into a central CSS or JavaScript file to reduce its HTTP requests or by compressing HTML, JavaScript and CSS to improve loading speed.

  • Easy to Understand

Make sure that using any word, phrase and title which make users able to easily understand without causing any confusion. An uncommon or less common word or phrase will make them leave. A complex content does not work properly. All website content and each visual element must be clearly and neatly arranged, and all important points are visible in the eyes of the users so that they do not need to scroll for finding information.

  • Navigation

Navigation is a lookup system used on websites where visitors interact and find what they want. Research shows that users will stay longer on a site that is easier to navigate. If site navigation is confusing, users will give up and find what they need elsewhere. Making navigation simple, intuitive, and consistent across every page is one of the keys.

  • F-shaped Pattern

F-shaped pattern is the most common way of how visitors scan text on a website. Eye tracking studies have found that most of what people see is at the top and left of the screen, while the right is not visible. Therefore, good website design should have the necessary information at the top left of the page. Basic elements such as a logo or any key image will be on the top left, while less important information can be placed at the bottom. Designing an effective website will allow users to browse the pages naturally.

To sum up,

The key for developing a successful website is understanding how to attract users. By following these principles outlined in this articles, your website can attract the attention of readers to keep them on your pages and have a considerable lead over most competitors. 

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